Rehearsal marks in parts only

Maybe this sounds a bit weird, but is it possible to have rehearsal marks only show in parts and not the full score, if entered in the full score so they are synchronized in all the parts? I don 't want the rehearsal marks in the study scores I am making, but I do want them for the players.

You may or may not be able to do this in Dorico, sorry can’t help on that right now. But. My view is don’t do it. Players use scores too, and if they can’t find a rehearsal mark they are looking for, it will slow them down.

Also, the difference will make them suspicious that there are other differences or that the score and part are not a matched set.

It is common to have no rehearsal marks in chamber music and rely on bar numbers in rehearsal and discussion, which may be preferable.

My two cents worth


There’s no easy way to do this, but if you really want to, I would simply select all the rehearsal marks, delete, export PDF, then undo.

Thanks all for this advice. I will stick with bar numbers in the score and parts. Never liked rehearsal marks anyway!

In the score, you could use the Filter to select RMs, then use the custom scale parameter (set to 1) in the Common pane of the properties panel…