Rehearsal Marks Overlap In Parts ~ Dorico Pro

I have Dorico Pro latest version on windows 10.

In my full score I have rehearsal marks and comments. When I select to view a player/instrument from the score drop-down menu, e.g voice part, some of the rehearsal marks collide and overlap.

How can I stop this from happening or clear the overlaps?


Hello @MichaelB - could you share a screenshot or the project so we can see exactly what’s happening for you?

Hello Lillie and thank you for replying.

Here’s an example of rehearsal marks overlapping a vocal part of my score. There are many more of these in other parts so I hope there is a way to prevent this happening or a way to remove the overlapping.

Michael, if this is how you are using rehearsal marks, I think you are asking an awful lot.
Special uses may require special attention. I just hope you aren’t using an entire symphony orchestra (with many resting parts); that would indeed be a chore.

You may want to consider using system text for such indications rather than rehearsal marks, either completely instead of or in addition to. Rehearsal marks are centered on their barline, whereas system text is left-aligned with their start position - this might produce less ambiguity as to where the named sections start from.

Dorico does a lot of collision avoidance automatically, but I think it’s fair to say there’s still fairly often some need for considered input with an engraver’s hat on - here, that might include inserting a system break at bar 68 or 69 to allow more horizontal space for the 2 preceding section indications.

(For your info also, part of the reason I couldn’t quite picture what you were describing based on your initial post was that in Dorico, this is what comments are - obviously no one expects everyone to pick up the Dorico lingo completely and immediately, but that’s one reason why it’s recommended to include a picture or a project as part of posts, or a bit more detail about how you’ve reached the point you’re at if possible, e.g. “rehearsal marks with extra text included as part of them”)

Thanks for replying Derrek. This came from a suggestion in the forums quite some time back as a workaround for bookmarking until Dorico includes a full bookmarking feature.

Thanks Lillie, I’ll try your suggestions.

That suggestion was made only as an aid to navigation in galley view (since there is no flow name shown there)! Once you move on to engraving it clearly becomes redundant.