Rehearsal Marks - some basic questions

Getting started with Dorico, after using PreSonus Notion for five years. Really liking Dorico. It seems like it will help me avoid a lot of the issues that have always bothered me about Notion. My experience working with Dorico feels like I’m driving a fantastically engineered, superpowered sports car. Oooh the thrill! Started with 5SE. Now, a couple of days later, I’m trialing 5 Pro.

I write music for myself; I’m not writing for other performers. I use rehearsal marks that make sense to me when writing lyrics, then I use those same rehearsal marks as I’m writing notation and adding my lyrics. Rehearsal marks will also be relevant when working with my singing teacher. I suppose my songs tend to be like ‘numbers’ from a musical, hence the wild variety of logical descriptors I’m aiming for.

My use of rehearsal marks varies from song to song. In the case of an AABA song with multiple sections, I’m utilizing the following, when working in Notion:




The numbers shown above refer to section numbers, with each section being comprised of four verses, (three A’s and one B. I hope I’m describing that correctly).

Sometimes I’ll add other rehearsal markings such as R (for Response), C (for Chorus), T for Tag, etc. adding numbers and other letters as relevant.

Is it possible to do something similar in Dorico? That would certainly help me to better coordinate my lyric writing with my music notation, especially as I jump around between Notion and Studio One. (I still need to use Notion to send to Studio One doesn’t like to import MusicXML.)

Thank you!

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Yes, there are several ways to accomplish this. In your case, the best option is probably to create a custom paragraph style that includes a boxed enclosure. If you click “Save as Default” (the star icon in the paragraph styles dialog), you can assign a key command to it. You could use Shift-E, which is unused.

One could use System Text with a Boxed Paragraph Style if one wished to.
Although one could use Rehearsal Marks for this, since one would virtually have to customize each one in the Properties Panel, Rehearsal Marks might be more work than just using a Boxed System Text.

Thank you for the fast response, Dan, and thanks for the fast ‘fine tuning’ (pardon the pun), in terms of workflow, Derrek.

I’m think I’m onto something here. Learned a lot already.

Happened upon an earlier forum discussion about customizing Rehearsal marks. Presenting the link here, in case it might help others too.
[Custom Rehearsal Marks - #3 by WoodwindBlues]

To create a rehearsal mark such as A1a, I’m using Index 1 (for A) followed by a Suffix of 1a, since ‘Index’ displays as a capital letter.

As @Derrek pointed out - system text is probably the simplest solution for your case.
The sole benefit of Rehearsal marks is that they auto increment when you add the next one. But your numbering system does not do that consistently, so I fail to understand why you would want to use them.

I’m still brand new to Dorico: been using it for less than a week. Kind of don’t know what I’m doing yet.

I’d presumed custom Rehearsal marks would let me Go to various marks based on a combination of Index and Prefix/Suffix, I just discovered that’s not the case.

As mentioned at the start of this thread, I’m looking for a good way to tie in to the functionally descriptive verse names I’ve been using for various songs I’ve been writing in PreSonus Notion.

Can I Go To or Jump to arbitrary system marks while working on entering my own notation and lyrics? The Rehearsal marks are for my own organization purposes. Aside from recording my own singing, my music will all be performed ‘inside the box’. I’m not using the rehearsal marks to rehearse with others.

Perhaps each section (comprised of AABA verses) should be it’s own flow?

Though I’m still confused about many things Dorico, I realize it’s the only notation software I’ll be needing, from now on.

Thanks Janus.

Indeed. But Rehearsal Marks do allow you to jump around. So if that is important for you, then use them (within their limitations)

No. But you might find the comments function useful. You could attach comments to various meaningful locations, then jump between comments.

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Also, if you have a rehearsal mark in view, you can select it and arrow left or right to jump to and select the next one. This works with many object types (tempo marks, dynamics, lyric syllables, arbitrary text, etc.).


That’s a great, useful suggestion.

Thanks Mark.

I ended up moving each section of my project to a separate flow. Each flow starts on a new page. That’s easier for me to manage at this point, since I’m fairly new to composing and arranging. From there, I used sequential rehearsal marks, A, B, C, D, etc. Once I’m done composing/arranging, I’ll probably use the System Track to reduce the overall page count.

Also, if you have a rehearsal mark in view, you can select it and arrow left or right to jump to and select the next one. This works with many object types (tempo marks, dynamics, lyric syllables, arbitrary text, etc.).

Is there a way to arrow left or right to jump to the previous and next rehearsal marks, across flows? When I’m on rehearsal mark D, in flow 1, I’m unable to extend my rehearsal mark arrowing to rehearsal mark A, in section 2.

How might I ‘feature suggest’ providing the ability to use arbitrary rehearsal marks in Dorico? For instance: Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Outro, etc.

Like this?

rehTexts.dorico (959.3 KB)

By setting the Reh Letter Index and adding a suffix, one can accomplish much of what you expect.

That’s a great suggestion, Derrek. Thank you for the example.

It would be helpful if the Go To Rehearsal Mark dialog would populate with these arbitrary rehearsal marks. As an example, the graphic below illustrate’s PreSonus Notion’s handling of rehearsal marks. The menu at the top of the page allows one to jump to any of the rehearsal marks displayed.

I believe Daniel and the Development Team are looking at ways to do something along these lines for a future version.

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Good to hear, Derrek. Thank you.

Another feature request along these lines would be implementation of a dockable / floating window (pulldown and/or hierarchical outline, with optional bookmarking as) a potential ease in navigation.