Rehearsal marks with suffixes not considered by GoTo command

I have determined a problem when using rehearsal marks with suffixes (A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.). The problem is that Dorico 4 does not find these rehearsal marks using Jump Bar and GoTo command (it does not consider the suffixes when typing e.g. “rA2”). On the other hand, Dorico jumps to B2 when you type “rD”, so it’s as if the index just keeps counting. This leads to strange jumps with e.g. the following sequence A1, A2, B1, B2, C, D, B3: If you enter “rD” as GoTo command you end up at B2. If you enter “rF” you end up at D. It would be nice if Dorico would consider index and suffix in the GoTo command.


You’re absolutely right. Dorico converts the input you type into an index, and then finds the rehearsal mark that corresponds with that index in the sequence: it doesn’t actually look for the specific text that you enter. So if you enter, say, F, it converts that to an index, in this case 5 (since indexes normally count from 0), and then goes to the sixth rehearsal mark. If that sixth rehearsal mark happens to actually be, say, H, because the first rehearsal mark is C rather than A, then so be it.

It’s a tricky problem to solve in all generality, but I agree it would be nice if Dorico could be a bit smarter about it.

This is more or less a defect, a shortcoming at the very least and rather unhappy. All my works use A1, A2, B1, etc. It means this function is effectively not available.

Can we make this a feature request? After all the whole point of rehearsal marks for players is to go to a section quickly. It would be great if we engravers could have it also.

That is a false equivalence. In rehearsal, when someone says ‘3 bars before B’, that ‘someone’ has already found it, and the rest are just playing catch up. Whereas if the engraver/composer says (to himself) I must go to letter B, then he must already have a pretty good idea (a) why and (b) where it is! Personally I find jumping by bar/page/flow number is sufficient to get pretty close.

I would just like to add to this thread that the same goes for RMs with changed index also.

1st flow goes from RM 1-38, second one from 39-78.
To quickly move to RM 59 in the 2nd flow I will have to do Goto Rehearsal Mark 21 (59-38=21).

With my way of using RMs – adding them as I go to indicate page numbers in the source pdf I am copying – it would be a great advantage not to have to do the arithmetic in flow 2 and onwards.

I find that, if I set the Engraving Option for Rehearsal Marks as Numeric, and if I change the index of the first RM I add to the second flow to a set number in properties, the RM’s I subsequently add continue the sequence from that reset number.

I am not sure whether that reset works on already added RM’s, but if you are adding the page number/RM’s as you go, resetting the first RM of each flow should accomplish what you hope for.

I don’t think it does – I know how to change the RM’s index for the new flow, but what I would like to accomplish is to be able to refer to RM 59 as 59 in the Goto Rehearsal Mark dialogue, and not as 21 (the visible index is changed, but not the actual, which is reset to 1 for each new flow).