Reigsitering eLicense issues

Hi all,

Im new to this forum so any help would be appreciated.

I have recently bought a new dongle and was hoping to add my Cubase 4 program to it but although i’ve registered the new dongle Cubase 4 is not added. How do I do this

Have you typed in the included activation code into the Enter Activation Code area in the elicenser control center? Registering won’t help this. After typing in the code, be sure to click and drag the license to the dongle you wish to store the license on.

But I can’t remember how to obtain the code. I can’t find the code anywhere. It was years ago since I registered. Please help :blush: I feel so silly

Here’s what I would do.

  1. Go to MySteinberg
  2. See you Last License Transactions
  3. Find your Cubase 4 product in the little graph
  4. Click the red arrow at it’s far right
  5. Click the little red + sign on the new screen
  6. There’s you activation code at the bottom!

Enter it into the elcc under Enter Activation Code or whatever it is now (there are so many updates to the elcc I can’t begin to keep up with them all).

I can’t seem to get to where you are saying :blush:

Please explain further. Where did I lose you?