Reinstall Cubase 6.5?


How do i reinstall Cubase 6.5? I cant find any way of downloading it again and i have deleted to file i previously had :frowning:
Or is it enough to install Cubase 6 and then 6.5.1 and skip the 6.5 update?

Many thanks for any advice!


6.5.1 will only update a previous install of 6.5.0
If you have lost the 6.5 update file you will probably have to ask support or Asknet for the download again!

Although if you have the activation on the elicence then you could probably download the 6.5.0 trial and it may well just activate as the full version?


Unfortunately i had a crash during the download and now it says that I’ve already been registered and the download isn’t available anymore :frowning:

Just my luck! :slight_smile:

Any more options?


so is the trail version just the 6.5 installer + all Cubase 6 DVD content (Halion sonic patches and GA additional kits/)
in this case i dwonload it as well as future installer for reinstalls

One reason why I won’t be upgrading to 6.5 unless it becomes available on DVD.

Besides, a 740MB download is a lot to contemplate.