Reinstalling Cubase 10 Pro after formatting PC

Hi everyone,

I bought my Cubase 10 Pro in February and everything went smooth with the installation. But, since my SSD was not big enough to install all my third party VST’s, i bought a bigger one and formatted the PC.

Now, when I try to reinstall Cubase, it says Components, Groove Agent SE, Halion Sonic SE, Retrologue & Padshop, will be updated (but they’re not installed), and Loops & Sound Sets are already installed (but they’re not).
I tried installing anyway and Cubase works, but if I open, ie, Groove Agent or Halion Sonic, there are no presets… Also, it doesn’t show the Instruments pictures as before (which is not very important, but still, it’s not as it used to be).

Also tried (before installing) uninstalling all the stuff I mentioned above. After that, I closed the installer, opened the installer and… surprise, they’re still installed (but they’re not).

My workstation is a PC with Windows 10 Pro, 32GB RAM, i7 4790K (OC’d to 4.6), and I have a MOTU Ultralite MK3 Hybrid (which shouldn’t mean anything since Cubase was working perfectly before Formatting). I have the USB E-licenser.
Can anyone help?

Thank you!!!

Hi and welcome,

Did you install from the Full Installer first?


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I installed from the full installer, the same way i did the first time (before formatting pc). The only difference was that the licence was already activated and registered on my steinberg account (USB e-licence).

Any clues on how to overcome this?



I’m just thinking if these are missing files in the current installation, or if these is a trial content. Unfortunately I’m not a content expert.

Myself I would uninstall/delete whole content and then install the content (only the right one) again from scratch.

Hi again Martin,

Already did that a couple times before creating the post here. Issue remains :frowning: The error must be on the Steinberg Download Manager, since it assumes I have the Components already installed, when I don’t. But it’s just a thought… I’m (clearly) not an expert either :smiley:

Also, it’s not trial content. On the Steinberg Download Manager, it says Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.15 full.

Thanks for trying to help!


I sent you PM.

Hi Martin!

Thanks! Already replied :wink: