Reinstalling Cubase 11


My old laptop crashed, and I tried to reinstall Cubase 11 on the new one. Now I’m going in circles. Steinberg tells me to go to the e lisencer, which of course does not have my lisence. My old download link does not work, because it has been used already.
This is daunting. I’ve spent hours trying to fix it.

Is there anyone who can help? In a language, that a non tech person does understand?
I have a project coming up and really need my Cubase.

Thanks a lot in advance

Welcome to the forum.

You can download the software from this website here, you should go with the Steinberg Download Assistant, as mentioned on that page

If your eLicenser doesn’t have the license anymore (I assume you used the soft eLicenser), have a look at the page for reactivation