Reinstalling cubase 4 to new computer

I’m hoping this is an elemental question, but I have installed Cubase 4 (I know Cubase 4–I hate having to re-learn this program) into my new Mac and it won’t let me open the program. It says, “synchrosoft license control error.” I have my dongle in place, I’ve reinstalled the program, I have the software serial number, key number, activation code, but it won’t let me open it. It won’t let me input this data. It just says, “press OK to abort.” How rude.

Do I have to uninstall from the old computer? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Have you tried to install the latest eLicenser Control Center from their website? And, no, you don’t have uninstall it on the old computer as long as you have the dongle plugged into the computer your using it shoul work.

You mean from the Steinberg website? I’ll try it, can’t hurt. Thanks.

No, from the and download the latest

Well, I went to the Steinberg website and they directed me to elicenser and it worked! Thank you. Now I have to relearn the program.