Reinstalling Cubase Pro 8?


When I purchased Cubase Pro 8 and downloaded it (as an upgrade for 6.5) turns out that I didn’t get some of the VST instruments including Groove Agent SE4 and Loopmash. Given that I’m in Australia so don’t seem to qualify for support and that our support here (Yamaha) doesn’t seem to want to help either, I’m putting this out there. Has anyone come across this before? Any ideas how to solve it? If I uninstall and reinstall, would that help? If I do reinstall, is there anything to look out for? Thoughts appreciated, thanks.


yes, re install it.

follow this to get the complete install package.

With Cubase Pro 8 registered in your MySteinberg account you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under “My products” -> “Downloads”.

I have similar issue…

I would need to do a clean install, but as I have update version of C8 Pro, but no installation files available at the moment…

I have registered all my products & e-licenser via MySteinberg account. But last week I was not able to login there nor to restore pwd to my email… I already created a new account as well, but obviously cannot register my products any more as they are already linked to my other account which I cannot login… :frowning:

Steinberg doesn’t reply to my support request (been a week now since I first contacted support) so I start to be out of ideas where to get the installation package.

Btw. I read elsewhere that some other had not either been able to login to MySteinberg lately.