Reinstalling Cubase. What version do I start from?

Ok, So I am replacing my existing workstation and have to reinstall everything from scratch but how do I install Cubase exactly? I am currently using 7.5.20 but I bought the full version of Cubase 5.0 and have been upgrading incrementally every since (5.5, 6.0, 6.5,7.0). From which version do I start?

Each paid update version is independent, You could just install 7.5, plus the update to 7.5.20. If you need to have the other versions on your system you could install them separately.

The license for 7.5 is valid for all of them.

Got it thanks. So I need 6.5 as well for older projects so that would mean I would have to install 6.0 and then update to 6.5. I would have to then download the 7.5 ISO from steinberg and use the license?

The license is on the USB key already, and is completely independent from the software installed, all you have to do is plug it in to the new machine, and any modern version (Cubase SX 1 thhrough Cubase 7.5) will run. Maybe even Cubase VST, but since I’m on Mac I can’t try that :frowning:

I don’t actually know for sure if 6.5 was independent, because I skipped it. If you have the intall disks for 6.5 you can try to install. Doing 6 then 6.5 certainly won’t do any harm, it just might not be necessary.

I have install disks for 5.0 Full Retail (downloaded 5.5 update). I have the install disks for the upgrade to 6.0 (downloaded 6.5 upgrade). I have the install disks for the upgrade to 7.0 (downloaded 7.5 upgrade).

Yes, you could use those.

Alternatively, for Cubase 7.5, the “Cubase 7.5 - Complete Installation” is available too at .

(Scroll down the page to find it)

I found that I had a lot of missing content when I just installed Cubase from v7 on my new DAW.I was always having to go back to old discs and install various missing content.


I noticed that too when I first upgraded and started from 6 rather than 5 about a year and a half ago. Some of my 5.0/5.5 project were missing Halion files. Wish there was a clear cut answer to this question.

Yes, that’s what I found after I built a new DAW last year. My previous DAW had 4 years use so I’d moved from Cubase 4,5 and 6. When I built the new windows 8 DAW I just installed the then new version 7 but for months afterwards I was still having to get old disks and install missing things like, reverence content, Halion content, groove agent content etc etc, I’m still not sure everything is back how it was.

I think part of the problem is that a lot of VST content gets installed to your user area of your C drive. Obviously when upgrading to a new machine your C drive is completely new so you’ll loose all content. It would make sense for your VST content to be on your sample drive or wherever so that when migrating to a new system you can just point it at the already installed files.

This would need some reprogramming from Steinberg though as at the moment you cannot do this with a lot of their content.


Maybe I will just install from version 5 to make sure everything I created from day one will work

I re-installed recently everything. My first Cubase was version 7. I installed version 7.5 directly from the supplied iso-files, as well as the Halion sonic content iso. Upgraded Cubase to version 7.5.2. Installed the upgrade to Halion 5. I saw that some Halion vstsounds were missing, which hadn’t happened before. Then I copied the halion vstsound libraries from the halion sonic discs that I got with version 7. Problem solved.

The Youtube video below explains a lot and usually fixes missing content problems:

Update: I did a 7.5 install from the Steinberg ISO’s and then applied 7.5.2 patch. So far so good…