Reinstalling Elements 9.5 after uninstalling

Elements 9.5 kept producing sound and file corruption problems, so I thought uninstalling and then reinstalling would perhaps solve things. So I uninstalled.

I thought I would simply have to log in on MySteinberg and request a new download session. After all, my eLicense number is registered there. But it sends me through a reactivation procedure that requests a NEW eLicense number. Apparently that number will be produced by the eLicense Control Center on my PC, upon “installing the Steinberg software on your system”.

Well, I don’t have any “Steinberg software” (the Elements 9.5 package) to install, since I no longer have the Elements 9.5 installation package I downloaded 2 years ago (deleted when cleaning my download folder). That’s why I went to the Steinberg site in the first place!

How can I get Elements 9.5 reinstalled?

Thanks in advance

Download the installer package…!?

Any idea where on the Steinberg website I can find it? It’s because I couldn’t that I asked the question.

EDIT: I see, I first needed to install the Steinberg Download Assistant. Thank you for the tip.