Reinstatement of the Tools list on Right-click menu

This was removed in Cubase 10 after being in Cubase since SX 3 (and probably earlier - but this was my intro into Cubase).
After a lot of the forum & Facebook users requested the reinstatement of the Tool list atop the right-click menu, Steinberg did it to some extent adding an extra ‘Tools’ sub-menu.
This isn’t quite what all of us were asking for as it still meant doing an extra step, rather than simply right-clicking and going directly to the tool you needed.

For a lot of us long-time users, this has really caused issues when coming to the speed of our workflow.
Steinberg had mentioned that they intended to look into it during the life-cycle of 10.5 but then 11 came along with no sign of it.

Are we getting it back, or not?