Relab LX480 Complete VST3 Preset

For those who use Relab LX480 Complete I’ve converted the "Jay Key’s recreation of the original presets " in VST3 Preset :

I’ve made one send folder (100% wet) & one insert folder (75,25% Dry,very subjective I know !)
& I’ve made Custom tag (find under “various”) :

  1. Effect type (generic/instrument/reset)
  2. LX480 Library (original 480L & waiting for the Relab one)
  3. LX480 Mode (insert/send)
  4. LX480 Type (algo)
  5. Reverb Time (by seconds ex: 0 to 1 sec / 1 to 2 sec etc…)

just put the folder “Relab Development” in your VST3 Preset folder