Relationship Between Midi Program Selector and Halion Sonic SE3

When i Record a BACKING STYLE midi file on my Ketron Keyboard ,multiple channels are recorded at the one one time, i then load midi file into Cubase 11 pro,i then open the list editor and i can see notes,program changes,cc information ,lsb,msb etc ,to be honest i dont know what it all means but it is there.
I have included 2 images ,lets concentrate on midi channel 16.
When i choose voice aahs from program selector drop down menu in Cubase,halion sonic program slot in Channel 16 also changes to GM53 Choir aahs which i think is correct
However if i load a program vocal sound from dropdown menu in Halion that does not have the GM number in front of the Halion sound, then the midi program selector in Cubase does not populate with the sound that i have chose on Halion.
Can anyone please explain why this is,thankyou


HALion Sonic is GM compatible by the GM sounds. So if you load a MIDI song, HALion Sonic can load these basic GM sounds. And the vice versa. If you use the GM sounds, HALion Sonic can stores the Program Change.

But there are more than 128 GM sounds in HALion Sonic. The other sounds don’t follow any standard (are not restricted by any standard). Therefore they don’t sent the Program Change, if you choose them. And they are not loaded, of you load any MIDI file.

I hope I made it clear.

Thanks for that Martin,I understand what you are saying

Martin so where is the program information saved,it has to be stored somewhere,for example if I start recording using piano sound and I decide to use strings sound halfway during recording of a song ?

If you are recording in Cubase it’s better to create a track for each instrument and then just switch between the tracks as needed.

You’re not limited to 16 channels so there’s no point in trying to switch instrument of the track halfway through.

Which instrument preset/program is used is saved with project file itself.

I need to record backing styles from ketron keyboard first then import as midi file then dissolve this midi file into separate tracks THEN start recording separate tracks as you have suggested.
I think your saying that the program info is saved in Halion sonic se interface and not saved in midi list editor.
I’m used to seeing and entering things like cc changes, volume, sustain,etc in the midi list editor.
Thanks for your answer


Use the Program Change MIDI Message to change the Program/sound. Make sure GM Mode is enabled in HALion Sonic SE to follow the Program Change messages.

I didn’t know that there was a GM mode that had to be enabled,I need to do a lot of reading about midi,vsti and controller keyboards and halion sonic se, just wish it was all a bit easier to understand,thanks.