Relative and Gradual tempo computation issue

I’m working on a piece in cut time that starts out at tempo of h = 66. Later it calls for poco piu mosso which shows a percentage increase in the property panel of 110% (so slightly faster). But what is happening is it slows down considerably. It’s like it is assuming the original tempo is q = 66 to compute the new relative tempo. If I instead use 220% in the property panel, then the new tempo seems like it is slightly faster as expected.

Alternatively, if I specify q = 132 for the initial tempo and poco piu mosso = 110% then I get a similar result as initial tempo of h = 66 and poco piu mosso = 220%.

So it seems the percentage increase incorrectly assumes the tempo of a quarter note beat not a half note beat.

I’m seeing what sounds like a related issue: I’ve got a mid-song tempo change to h=60, and then accel poco a poco up to q=180. However, when playback hits the accel poco a poco, it seems to jump to q=60, and then accelerate from there. Playback is as expected if I change the initial tempo to q=120 instead of h=60.

Perhaps all relative tempo changes are computing off of q’s, regardless of the unit used?

Thanks for reporting this: both of you have assessed the problem correctly, which is that the calculation of the relative tempo is assuming a quarter (crotchet) beat unit. We should be able to fix this in the forthcoming minor update.

This problem still exists for some cases. Attached is an example where the tempo should slow down and instead speeds up. If I use q=192, then it slows down correctly.
rit (263 KB)

After some more testing, it seems the gradual tempo changes are the ones that still have a problem. The relative tempo changes were fixed in 1.1.10 with regard to this issue.

You’re quite right, Dave – thanks for coming back to this. We’ll make sure this is fixed in the next update.


I just ran into this today in 3.5.12. I don’t mind having to convert to q for an initial tempo, but the tempo strip display makes it look like the tempo is suddenly halved when it isn’t.

What do you mean by "the tempo strip display "?

Sorry (old sequencer terminology). I mean the Time track in Play Mode.