Relative fader automation.. how?


How do I do relative fader automation in Cubase ?


Use a VCA fader.

Using Cubase 7.5

Is there an automation panel, or was that in C8?

Anyway, general way is to activate Trim automation, then fader will be positioned in middle.
Anything you write will be a separate line from regular automation - and you can later choose to freeze relative into normal automation.

Check what is there in 7.5 about trim automation.

On the track there’s a compressor insert but I want to automate the fader riding but I may choose a different compressor yet and the mix is a wip. It would be fantastic to be able to record relative fader automation. I’ll have another look tomorrow. Obvs problem with automating the trim is that this comes before the signal has reached the compressor but I want to ride the fader after the compressor. :frowning:

You have both a pre-fader slot for compressor as post fader slot - so make your pick.

Two last slots are post fader, first 6 pre.

I didn’t explain what I meant very well. I’m looking to add relative fader automation after the compressor. The trim comes before any inserts.

No, it doesn’t - unless insert in post fader slots(last two ones). Volume automation is on fader. Trim adjust volume automation in a relative manner.

First 6 slots of inserts are passed before fader volume+trim automation. Then two last insert slots are fed with output from fader and passed before routed output of track.

Audio clip gain is another feature, to adjust level of audio clip to first plugin - but this is not the trim I mentioned which act on top of fader automation.
There may be some confusion about clip gain here, since it’s called trim in some other daws.