'Relative Mode' on FD Faders?

I am a blind user of cubase and was wondering about the FD unit.

I can’t lay my finger on the current value in “catch” mode, as I can’t see that value.

So was wondering is there a relative mode?

That is, if the FD is currently at minus 5, and I lay my finger anywhere on the FD, and move it slightly, it will add my movement amount to the current value.

Example it will move from minus 5 to minus 2?

Could this be implemented, as I’d imagine even sighted users may find this useful, when wanting to make a slight change to a current fd level.


that is exactly what I need!

Wow, you mean there currently is no relative mode? That’s a deal-breaker for me then.

Seeing these units “live” made me very dissapointed… not to mention things that don’t work, or in worst case, isn’t intended to work.
the CMC FD module would be so much better if it worked hand in hand with what you setup in Cubase, i.e if the relative mode had been working it would have made a tremendous difference to useability. Now it’s too finnicky to use

Hi Ross,

The relative mode is already on our feature request database! :slight_smile:

Cool. A “feature request list” is really something i would like to read through…
the feature " Opening and accessing plug-ins by the insert-bypass and FX-bypass buttons" would be in top of that list… really.

too little too late for me I’m afraid… I guess I’m not the only one,
haven’t been able to sale mine on ebay at $99!.. definately got burnt on those