Relative paths


I am using WaveLab 8.5 and have just moved all my files to a new and secondary disk with new drive letter.

So now I have lost all my folder/path configurations and have to fix that which I guess is OK.
But when opening old Batchprocessors (that I may want to reset and reuse), they still contain the old explicit path to the source files as well as to the output files.

Is there any way to change the old drive letter/initial part of the path in some way, the structure is more or less the same?

If the batproc-files had been in xml I could have used Notepad++ and changed paths for example, but the current format seems to be something else.

Or even better, what if Wavlab used relative paths, so that we could configure a “home libraries” for source files and outputs" and then only use relative paths within Wavelab!?


There is no option for what you ask.
But I would recommend to use watch folders. After all, a watch folder can be seen as a “home folder”, to use your words.

Would shortcuts or symbolic links work? Would that be messier or riskier than watch folders PG?

Symbolic links don’t work. But why using them? Just drop the files directly in the watch folder.

Ok, but is that something new? They used to work when I tried them in Wavelab 8, but maybe that was only in the place I was using them.

They work if you open from the file selector. Not if you drop them in a watch folder.

I didn’t mean to put them in a watch folder. I meant to use them in the file system to redirect from the old drive letter and beginning path, like with a subst command if the old drive letter is not there. But I agree with you, better and probably easier to make the new folders watch folders.