Release date for Vintage Open Deck plugin?

Anyone heard anything about when the new Vintage Open Deck plugin will be available? And possibly price?

I hope this one is for everyone and not just the elite like they did with the RND stuff. :laughing:

:question: :unamused: :question:
They’re not just for the “elite” (whoever & whatever they might be) - anyone can buy them.

+1 on that one.
If they are only half as good as the Porticos I will certainly buy them immediately.

Well here it is… the end of August…still no word :confused: …holding out but, Waves MPX is looking better all the time

Looks like UAD are getting set to do an Ampex emu…

Yea… watching that one also :nerd:
Been using alot of native lately may have to put my uad-2 back to work

The UAD Ampex ATR-102 is now out.
$349 for UAD-2, and it’s beautiful. Yamaha will really need to step up to the plate if they are going to even equal this.
So fingers crossed.
The Ampex has 1/4", 1/2" and 1" heads, 7 different tape formulas, etc. Testing it out now - early results are seriously encouraging

Will wait to demo until I have time to give to it.
Plate is a bit full right now.
Looking forward however.


Get the UAD2 ampex. This redefines tape emulation.
(trust me on this one - come to think of it, don’t trust me - demo it. Bloody awesome)