Release Date?

First Quarter is almost over but still no release date?

Is N6 still on target to be released within the next 3 weeks? I certainly hope so

According Timo’s statement it might be this week.

Personally I expected it today (March 6th - Nuendo 6) - but looks like I do not understand marketing :smiley:

From my last observation favorite Steinberg release dates are fridays. Let them surprise us…

With the experience from previous release dates I think it will be released in june… :wink:


I personally prefer them to take their time to make sure it is stable and with least problems as possible.


I’ve only just installed Nuendo 5. Still getting used to all that grey. :frowning:


Oh … no … Please refrain from any 50 shades comments …


HAHA. Seriously though, I really don’t like the removal of the colours in the Key Editor so you can’t see whether snap is on or not, or solo, or the automation being all grey and ugly…

Maybe I’ll get used to it, but so far N4 is better looking than N5 for me.


Yes, this is a big problem for me too.
I can’t see nothing in N5.

Same opinion here. Timo?

Downloading… :mrgreen:

yep apparently it is out:



Just ordered my update