Release External Instruments when Frozen

Honestly, I’m flabbergasted why it doesn’t work this way already!

I want to define an External Instrument for, say, a Minimoog Voyager, which only plays one tone (and one note) at a time. Then, I want to create Instrument tracks for each part to be performed by the Voyager: I’ll create a track, dial up the sound I want, and record the MIDI. Edit the MIDI, then print the audio using the Freeze function on the Instrument Track. Lather, Rinse, Repeat for additional tracks.

However, unfortunately, and for reasons completely unknown to me, Cubase does NOT release the Voyager External Instrument after Freezing. PLEASE MAKE IT RELEASE THE EXTERNAL INSTRUMENT so it can be reused on other tracks!!

With this feature, using external synths to record more parts than they can play at one time would be a delight, as the Instrument Track smartly handles both the MIDI and audio info for the track.

Without this feature, I have to manage the MIDI and audio files myself, which is a lot more work and not nearly as elegant.

Please Please Please make Instrument Tracks and External Instruments behave properly by releasing the External Instrument for reuse after it has been frozen (i.e., its MIDI has been printed to Audio)