Relinking missing files that were deleted and rescued

I accidentally deleted a bunch of audio files (beyond the trashcan) from a project.

I was able to recover most of them with a file recovering software. The problem is files don’t conserve their original name after recovery and instead, get assigned random numbers as names.

I’m now left with a bunch of wavs that I’m trying to relink but they’re too many to do it manually, not to mention all the takes, trims and edits. Basically a music producer’s worst nightmare.

My question is, is there any way that Cubase can match the files via time stamp or anything beyond file name? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

No. This is going to be a excruciating manual process. Wondering if you were doing periodic backups? Restoring/copying from that would be you savior. Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Prock and thank you. By “periodic backups”, do you mean me manually backing up my computer periodically, or an option that I would’ve enabled/disabled within Cubase?

Yes… auto & manual computer backups. There is nothing in CB that will do this. I have (2) external 10 TB usb hard drives.

One is always connected and I allow windows to do auto backups of all folders I want backed up to it. Of course it includes all the CB project content.

I connect the 2nd hard drive on a weekly basis to copy/paste my important main “documents” folder to it. That folder contains my “cubase projects” folder. And that folder contains the many separate folders I created for each Cubase project.

I like using my weekly manual copy/paste backup method because I better understand what I copied. The auto backup that windows performs looks like compressed top secret encrypted files that must be extracted by windows to restore. I’m sure it works but I like the actual copy better.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yeah I getcha but unfortunately no, I don’t do regular backups like that, mostly because I do a lot of work on the road so my setup isn’t fixed most of the time as to keep an external HD just automatically do its thing every now and then. I guess I’ll consider some form of that in the future.

It’s a shame there isn’t a file matching system other than just the file name, it seems simple enough to implement I mean even Pro Tools finds candidates vía time stamp.

For now I guess I got one very tedious session with CB ahead of me so better get started… :s

Thanks for the suggestion.