Relive the glory days of sequencing

Assuming you’re an anachronism like myself! :wink:

Great article!

I remember when the Oberheim X-a, DMX and DSX first came out. It listed for 9,999.00 USD.

My first Mac cost me $4,400.00 CDN in 1987, which back then was a huge whack of cash (you could get a nice barely-used car for that money). No hard drive, twin “super drives” and that lovely 9 inch B&W display! 1 Mb of RAM! I moved up to a MacIIx a year or two later, and had to mortgage the farm just for a memory upgrade - 4Mb upgrade cost $500! :wink: :astonished: :laughing:

Wow! :sunglasses:

I still have the Atari pictured