Relocate larger sections of music within same flow

I promise I spent minutes with the search function to find the answer to this, as I’m sure it’s been covered before. But I couldn’t find an answer.

Let’s say I have a 400 measures long score.

Along the way, I change my mind about it’s structure. I want the current bars 201-300 to be at the end, and current bars 301-400 to move to the “empty” space.

Is there a simple way to do this, or do I have to add bars, copy and paste the music, and delete the now empty bars?

Easy! That’s the beauty of Insert Mode. :slight_smile:
Select the bars 201–300, activate Insert Mode, cut them, paste them at the end.
You may have to fiddle a bit with time signatures afterwards because they don’t come along when you do any shifting in Insert Mode.

Thanks a lot! I’ll make use of your advice at once!