Relocating "/Library/Application Support/Steinberg" under macOS

Dear developers and advanced users,

Is it safe to relocate /Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg onto external storage via a symbolic link under macOS?

I mean not the Library in the user home folder, but the Library in “Macintosh HD”.

Currently, I installed the following applications on Mojave:

  • Dorico 3.5
  • Cubase 10.5
    (I would like to replace Cubase 10.5 with Nuendo 11 as soon as possible)

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried symbolic link?

If it is just about moving sound libraries, then it’s best to use the Steinberg Library Manager (get’s installed along with Dorico). That app shows you all the installed libraries and you can move them to whatever location you like, and Cubendo/Dorico then still know where to find them.

Symbolic link does not always work perfectly. This question is a question before trying that.

Oh, thanks! It is very good to know!