relocating tracks in the mixer...

i just tried to create a group channel, of selected tracks, in the mix console!
it worked great, but the group channel was placed before track 1 and that´s not what i wanted!
i´d prefer it if that new channel was placed in conjunction to those selected tracks!
this also goes for adding a groupchannel in the project window, since it´s placed at the bottom of the project, instead of in conjunction with the selected track/ tracks!
and then, when i tried to move the group channel, to where i wanted it to be, i discovered to my surprise, that it isn´t possible to move any tracks from within the mix console to another location!
i thought and had hoped that it would be just drag and drop to a new location, just like it works in the project window, but unless this feature requires you to hold down a key while doing it, that i´m missing, it´s just not there!?

this would be another great addon!

Aloha b,

If you do a board search you will find a number of threads
about this topic. We users have been wanting this feature for quite a while.

Also one of the mods posted that the ‘moving tracks in the mixer’ feature
did not make it in to this version of Cubase (7.0) but that they (Steiny) are
working on and planning to give users that feature in a future release
of Cubase.


Moving channels within the mixer and full colouring of the mixer channels has been asked for, for years now. I truly hope it makes it into V7.x. We have been waiting for this since the SX days and every new version still leaves us hanging. Please don’t leave us waiting for another 2 years to buy Cubase 8 before this comes into effect.