"Remaining" time when processing does not show any value

This problem I had in WL7 (and reported in WL7 forum) is still present in WL8.

Do you use a special font size on your system? The default is this:

What is your screen resolution?

No, I use default 100% setting.
font size.jpg
I have 2 displays both with resolution 1920x1200
monitor setup.jpg

Strange, because I use the same settings and I don’t have the same problem. I will keep an eye on this.

I have a new observation which might serve you as a hint.
While processing, if I click on (make active) the Background Tasks tab (upper section of Audio Window), suddenly the remaining time value on the bottom (under wave) appears and decreases accordingly. If I click elsewhere (like on File Browser), remaining time value stays but freezes e.g. it does not decrease anymore. Clicking back on the Background Tasks the value refreshes again etc.

Remaining time only appears when the background task panel is active - why is this? There is not the need to have this panel active for most tasks.


Remaining time stays visible here, irrespective of the background task window being there.

On another related note: Is it normal that the Background Task window appears everytime a task is being done? I have no interest whatsoever in this window, and would like it to stay away. It takes focus away from my Timecode window.

I believe it can be disabled in Global Preferences → Options

You are right, sir! Thanks. :sunglasses:

EDIT: Now the Remaining time indication does indeed stay empty! Just shows "Remaining: " I think actually that this is causing your original problem, Johnny B. Try selecting the option that you just told me about and see…

Right, I know have a way to reproduce the issue.

This seems to be fixed in 8.0.3 indeed - thank you.