Remake of "tomorrow never knows" (Beatles)

Hi Guys,
i’ ve tried to make a version of “tomorrow never knows” (Beatles).
I have always loved that song, actually It’s more like a drone.

Hope you like.


Demonsk: I like your Version but your Vocal IMO needs
to be Pitch corrected in VARI-AUDIO. :wink:

Also if your trying to be some what faithful to the Beatles version
the vocal on the second verse could use the “Telephone Effect”
plus a Leslie Speaker sound or chorus and Reverb plus Slap back delay. :wink:

Remember John Lennon wanted that vocal to sound like
he was the Dalai Lama singing from the highest mountain top. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

Thank you HALLJACK for your usefull suggestions.
I am definitely no vocalist.
Totally forgot that cubase had Vari audio, I hope its up for the challenge :laughing:

John R

that’s a brave thing to do…this is arguably the best psychedelic song on the planet (it is the best IMHO)…good effort though and your clearly doing it your own way and not trying to copy the original …Kevin

I really enjoyed the arrangement, hard to take on sacred ground and do something different like that. Great job

A noble effort. Sorry, but it’s just not very good. I admit I may be comparing it unfavorably with the great original. Here’s a few of my crits:

the bass part and rhythm are not on the same page, comes off as jerky

I really do not like going from the I chord to the vi chord for this song (although going to the flat VI chord DOES work okay)

the original has a LOT of energy in it; this just kind of bobs along, and, as a result, suffers compared to the original

the telephone effect, the sitar, the sound effects – ALL just pretty cliche

However, respect for tackling an iconic song :sunglasses: