Remap cc1 to cc11

I need to remap cc1 to cc11 for use in kontakt for control expression. Is it possible make it in cubase 6? Or is it possible convert the cc1 to vst expression or vst expression note?


For example with the transformer insert, or the input transformer, or logical Editor depending on what exactly…

Yes, but I did’nt explain very well. Your solution is ok for entering midi information to a track. I need to remap the cc1 included in a midi track in cubase or to convert the cc1 to cc11 expresion control.

Thanks a lot.

The transformer or logical editor should be able to do what you want.

The transformer will do it in realtime as a midi insert or the logical editor to write the changes to the track.

True, that´s why I wrote

No, only the input transformer is for entering MIDI inormation

That´s what the other two options I mentioned do, as also explained further by split…

I’ll try them. Thanks a lot.