Remapping Cmc Qc in remote in Cubase 12

So literally as soon as Steinberg dropped support for the CmC’s they broke the QC for instruments, it still works for the track QC’s but not for the plugins . Has anyone figured out a way to ‘page’ the Qc’s for plugins on the QC, If i add all the focus qc’s and select page will that select the next row of Qc’s on that plugin , i find the whole new system lacking info unless you’re a progammer

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Ok , well i spent half a day yesterday trying to program Qc with the parameter 1-8 and ‘next parameter page’ on two buttons .
The parameters seem not to work and when i managed to get the script to work with the controller then the parameters wouldn’t , also , no matter what i tried , whether it was QC’s assignment or parament assignment knob 7 would not work with anything . but it works fine with track Qc controls . i take it this is why Steinberg dropped support because they knew they had no chance of keeping these going with the new a script system .
Unless you’re a programmer this is horrendously tedious clunkly system for integrating remotes controls baring in mind we are all here as MUSIC related engineers , not programmers

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I put my old CMC out of its sleep yesterday. Theoretically, the CMC is a generic midi device and should be fit to set up with midi remote script. However, the problem is two things:

  1. On Apple Silicon it seems the device does not even show up anymore as a midi device!
  2. Some of the functionality of the devices needs response from Cubases!

To circumvent the Apple problem, I connected the USB of the CMC QC to my iconnectivity midi interface, which does accept generic midi devices via USB! Within setup of the interface, I can now access 3 midi ports from the CMC device. So, problem 1 is basically solved to me. It is strange, that the Apple computer won’t see a generic midi device, but I can see no other way to make it work. I guess Apple users won’t be able to solve this without a midi interface that accepts generic USB midi interfaces.

Problem 2) could also be solved by reverse engineering what kind of midi messages the device would need from cubase and programming a midi remote script that would send those messages according to the specs. It should not be to complicated. I suppose, when you hit the Quick Control or the EQ button, the device will need some midi message in order to put on the LED light of the according button. Maybe there is some programming involved. It depend on what functionality is required does someone on Windows have access to an older version of Cubase where the device still works? Could you spy on the midi channels (most midi monitors are able to do this and see what kinds of messages are exchanged? If we know those, maybe we can create a mid remote script for the device.