Remapping outputs in CC mode with UR44

Hello, I’ve got a UR44 and it works great but in CC mode it shows 4 different inputs. This is pretty fantastic except what i’m feeding this into only listens to the first two inputs. is there a way to map the 4 mics to two outputs in CC mode?

This may sound odd but we’re using this for a large conference room and the device it plugs into isn’t a windows, mac or linux machine so we cannot really update it. it does recognize the UR44 in CC mode though but only maps the first two inputs.

I was able to confirm with audacity that the 4 inputs are there and wired properly.

any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I did more reading of the documentation and found the loopback mode which is exactly what i want but it seems that loopback mode does not stay enabled when in “CC” mode. Is there a way to address this?