Remember Audio Export Path

I think Cubase remembers the export path you last used, but does not change this location once you switch to a new project. So lets say you export to “C:/Project 1 Audio”, and you open up Project 2, it will want to export Project 2 into “C:/Project 1 Audio”. A far more convenient option would be if the last used path was saved to the cubase file directly. This way, when you open up Project 2 it will remember you picked “C:/Project 2 Audio” the path for Project 2, and when you open up Project 1 it will switch back to the path that was used for Project 1.

I completely agree.

This is SO annoying !!!

Exactly. Only one little thing and so many mistakes after export to other place…

thanks for the bumps everyone. It seems like this would have a limited impact for the developers. The file size of the .cpr would hardly change, I would hope. In a perfect world, Cubase 9 files could have this additional metadata added, but that wouldn’t break the integration with previous versions of Cubase.

Yes, yes, yes!!! This should have been a no-brainer for the designers. If no export path has been specified for a project, default to the project audio directory. Thereafter, default to the last one specified for that project.

Related, Export MP3 should be a different path and a different command.