Remind me about installation procedure Dorico SE

Hi all,

Could someone give me some quick pointers on how do install Dorico 4 SE?
My son is getting into notation and arrangement, and he had 3.5 running on his system, which we now would like to upgrade to 4.2.
Any quick pointers appreciated! All necessary software is installed i.e. soft e-licenser, activation manager, download manager and Dorico itself


You’ll need to request a new Download Access Code for Dorico SE 4, which you can do here:

Once you receive the DAC by email, run SDA on your son’s computer, sign in with his Steinberg ID, click Enter your Download Access Code, and enter the DAC you’ve been sent. Dorico SE 4 will then appear in the My Product Downloads category. Select it, and on the right-hand side click Install All. Everything necessary will be downloaded and installed.

Thanks Daniel! :pray: