REMIX: "I Can Never Let You Go" - by Shadowfax

Kevin was generous (and foolish?) enough to let me have a play around with his song. :smiling_imp:
I’ve pretty much totally rebuilt and redesigned it… so much no that it barely resembles the original! :open_mouth: Sorry Kevin. The most significant changes are to the structure, and the reason for that was I thought it wa originally a little too fragmented… too many differing parts, so what I’ve done after quite a bit of head scratching is reshuffle all the parts, discarded sone and come up with a much shorter, and what I think is more cohesive structure. As for the arrangement… well, that’s pretty much 90’s new too.

Anyway, it’s just a different interpretation of the song I guess. Here’s my initial mix:

I Can Never Let You Go (Black Sands Remix)

Wow this really is a good perspective on the song. I’ve been coming back every few hours to listen to it again. Lots of dynamic contrast and nuance in the atmospheric sounds. :sunglasses:

Listening to this on a laptop up a mountain in France so quality aint good but sounds interesting…is there a timing issue at the begining?..really like the arrangement though!!! will listen harder when I get back next week…Kevin

Well, repeat listens is encouraging! :smiley:

You’ll need to be more specific if you’re hearing a timing glitch? You’re on a mountain in France? I wish I had YOUR job! :sunglasses: