Remote control editor - Any presets for MCU out there?

Just wondered if anyone had some mappings for MCU devices (Standard 8 cell layout) in .xml format that they have shared in the past?

I am currently creating some maps, renaming/re-arranging parameters so they display nicely, and i was thinking it would be nice to share the mappings when done, and/or use others peoples mappings if they’ve already put the work in.

So, do any resources like this online? If not, i may created a resource online to share and download directly into the correct directory for mappings via a small utility app. Give me a shout on here if you have any mappings you’d like to share, or would find this a useful resource. Seems mad that nothing exists already, couldn’t see anything on google.

Many people don’t even realise you can map to plugins and instrument parameters on an MCU, and any other number of devices that uses the protocol (I’m using a Maschine mk2 at the moment, and it’s brilliant to have on the side).

For reference the mappings made in the remote control editor drop into nicely arranged files here:-
C:\Users\Username\Documents\VST XMLs


I have never seen any…ever. I suppose if you map some stock Cubase or UAD/Waves/SoundToys/Fab Filter plugs, I would download them.

Most of my mappings are fairly basic with UAD emulation plugs usually going from right to left on the hardware. For VSTI mappings of synths, I just use the very basic controls, like the first 8. Switching banks on the controller is easy, but a drag.

My main workflow MCU issue is it takes too many button presses and time on the DAW controller to simply focus any desired VST. And on the IconQconPro, its a real joke. You use a knob to scroll from top to bottom, every VST that is selected in your plug-in manager. And there is a 1 second auto-select if you pause on any VST. How would you like to scroll through 200 VST’s? In other words, it’s just faster to move a knob with the mouse on the GUI. Times when I actually use my MCU is when I know I will be adjusting parameters for a while instead of making a quick one-time adjustment. So maybe this is why there aren’t many to download? Do users actually use their DAW controller veryk much to change VST settings?

Again, this is with iconQconPro. I think its the same with MackieMCU? However I don’t know how selection works with all other DAW controllers…
hopefully much easier!

Would you mind trying a mapping to see if sharing is possible? I’m not sure of the unique ID folder that each plugin is given, whether it’s unique to each machine or not. Or relates to a universal ID for that plugin.

If you could be kind enough, then grab this file as a test for retrologue:-

If you expand the zip it into this folder:-
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\VST XMLs\Steinberg Media Technologies

It should add one file (And parent folder(s)) into the following location:-
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\VST XMLs\Steinberg Media Technologies\Retrologue\CC3695D88FE74881B46E6CCFFB291CFF\Generic 8 Cells.xml

Be great if it worked, as it would be quite simple to create a companion app so that people could share and take as a community for those who this may benefit.

And yes, i use MCU for parameters all the time, and i know a few others do… I think most people don’t even realise it’s possible and stick to just fader controls.

As i use a synth workstations, the whole concept of having pages and hardware knobs for each page is like second nature to me - plus i’m currently using a Maschine Mk2 controller set to MCU mode - so the rotaries and screen are in a much small unit, plus is always on the instrument page ready to tweak as i swap through tracks.

A lot of the time i have chord pads open, and i use the drum pads on the Maschine controller to fire off chords (Maybe with arps) while banking through the oscillators, filters, envelopes etc. via the knobs above. I tend to get more interesting results and happy accidents happening when i’m less biased by mouse and screen. :slight_smile:

I should have made it clear that my above complaint is about adding a new VST to a mix console insert using the DAW controller. If the VST is already inserted on a track, just a couple button presses on the DAW controller to focus the VST.

I’m out of town, but will check this out soon because honestly, I don’t know if it will work. I assumed it does, but lets test it!

Totally agree with that, i’ve not known any DAW to get that element right. The instrument or effects list scrolls way to fast, you have no ok/cancel option and are at the mercy of a timeout for selection, and they don’t have a bank/category selection to help browse.

I’m out of town, but will check this out soon because honestly, I don’t know if it will work. I assumed it does, but lets test it!

That’d be great, fingers crossed.

It works just fine.

Better yet you wrote all the MCU character limitations so it’s actually readable, and the parameters organized. Now you can start doing the same with a few hundred more. :laughing: Like you said, I have never seen any downloads of this. If there is enough interest and participation, maybe ask Steve who used to be in Chicago, to make it a sticky?

On another side note gripe, unfortunately there is no way from my knowledge to do the same, using the Remote Control Editor for the Cubase Factory/console EQ because that isn’t a VST, and thats what I use for fast basic EQ. If I press the EQ button on the DAW controller, per MCU all the characters run into each other and it’s a total mess.

I’m told on the Xtouch the channel read-outs are separated so its not quite as bad.