Remote control editor devices

Hey there,
Im going nuts trying to make any sense of cubases remote control integration. I have read up on it and i do understand quick controls, vst quick controls and a generic controller map. But none of these help at all. I want to use my encoders on whatever plugin is selected. And i need way more controls than the 8 quick controls available.

I understand that this would be done via the remote control editor per plugin. But my akai mpk encoders dont work here. Is there any way around this? Is there any masterkeybord (say native kontrol or nektar panorama) that has encoders that connect to the remote control editor? Or does it really only work with the handful of listed devices. In which case im done with cubase…

Please let me know if there are any encoder banks that work with it… anything really :frowning:

Ps: do the cc121 encoders work with the remote control editor

Anyone on this planet go the remote control editor to work with any hardware? Does no one else have this problem? No info on the cc121?

Remote controllers in cubase is a mess. CC121 is not a generic controller, it has a “native” driver that gives it access to a lot of function that is not available on generic remotes. And it is quite old now, so a lot of functions have have been added to cubase for the last 10 years have not been enabled on CC121. (And some have not accessible though generic remote either.) And having them automatic selected for ever plugin wont work. QC for example only work with VST3 not VST2 that is still used by most instruments. And there are lot of VST3 plugins that does not follow the programmers guide so they dont work either. But there are youtube lessons about it check them out.