Remote Control Editor discussion

so, if anyone who successfully runs C7 would like to share some details about the remote controller editor?

How is it supposed to work? How is it integrated with plugins? Just some experiences for these who wait for their boxes, please?


anyone tried it?

i want to use this with a mackie control C4

looks like it will have compatability after a LONG wait :exclamation:



Even with the tutorial ytubes, I don’t get the concept…

How can I customise for example my doepfer pocket dial to control the plugin in focus?

Could you link me up with a tutorial on the RC Editor? I haven’t found one yet.

I tried a bit, but not working with my Generic Remote. It seems it only works with those few supported remote controls. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anybody figured out how to use it with Generic Remote?

I seriously hope that’s not the case. :frowning:

Cant be true, can it?

I dont understand:

Can someone using 7 simply search the operation manual for string “Generic Remote”?

I don’t see an option for generic remote in the Remote Control Editor pull down. This is a big shame…

Even if there was: how does C7 determine which plugin is controlled by which remote hardware?

I don’t get the concept behind this…

Do I assign one dedicated hardware to exactly one plugin, another hardware to another plugin. Hardware doesn’t control focused plugins dynamically? I don’t get it…

You can have multiple remotes to control various aspects of cubase including plugins, the mixer and program functions by MIDI channel and/or by template.

Im Talking about the New Remote Controller Editor.
Im Not Talking about Multiple generic remotes.

How does the New Remote Controller Editor work? How does c7 determine which plugin is controlled when, by which hardware?

Seems to only work for supported devices Nuage, MC-5, Artist Series and WK-Audio.

Manual says:

  1. Click the L button on the toolbar to activate Learn mode for the editor.

  2. In the editor, select the control that you want to assign to a plug-in parameter.

A colored frame around a control shows that this control has the Learn focus.

  1. Click on a parameter on the plug-in panel.

This assigns that parameter to the control

P.S. You can also double-click on a control in the editor to open the list of available plug-in parameters, and click a parameter to assign it to the control.

The manual info is VERY sparse and makes little mention of required hardware. The SB YouTube video does mention Mackie control (I have an mcu pro) but doesn’t mention anything about how to connect things up. I see no way to get it to work.


What about Standard Layout?

No luck with standard layout either.


can anyone provide any details?