Remote Control Editor for Channel EQ

Please let us use the Remote Control Editor to edit/rearrange the parameters for the Cubase standard channel EQ. If you have a 16 channel controller, it’s very frustrating that the channel EQ only spills across 8 control knobs and you have to press buttons to toggle between Q, gain, Type etc. Very unintuitive.

I’ve been asking for this for two or three years but I live in hope!

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Just to elaborate on this… You can currently use the Remote Control Editor for Channel EQ, BUT it only works if you access the EQ via the Channel Strip button on a Eucon controller.

This means that:
a) I need to press two buttons on the control surface to get to the EQ, instead of one.
b) In the Mixconsole, it will display the Channel Strip section instead of the usual EQ section that I want to see.
c) I MIGHT be wrong here but If you are using an MCU controller, I don’t think you can access the Channel Strip, so the Remote Control Editor settings have no affect anyway.



You can access the channel strip with MCU by pressing the Dyn/Fx button (or Instrument button on standard MCU). Plus, unlike a fixed controller if you move the position of the EQ it still remains controllable as you can scroll through the CS elements.

The big problem i have with mapping EQ from the channel strip (With dumb MIDI controller) is when positions move, and mappings break.

That’s something I’d like to have, too. I use the Icon Qcon Pro G2. The standard names of the plugin parameters are usually too long for the display of the Icon Qcon. The great advantage of the remote control editor in Cubase is that I can shorten the names of the parameters so that they are better readable on the Qcon display. Unfortunately there is no remote control editor for the channel strip in Cubase. Would be much appreciated in a future version. :smiley:

Same issue here, even after 6 years !!!