Remote Control Editor Using Generic Remote Device

I’m trying to use my keystation 88 and lemur to control plugins with the Remote Control editor. I’ve figured out how to assign a RCE knob to a parameter on the plugin using the learn function, super easy. But I can’t get it to respond to the assignable knobs on my keyboard or ipad running lemur. I’ve set up a generic remote in cubase using the device setup window, but can’t get those controls into the RCE. It’s not easy to setup like the quick controls, but I need more than 8 controls to really use the plugins the way that I want to.

It says it supports mackie, etc. “out of the box” but doesn’t give any info about how to use other controllers to control parameters. Is it possible to use a generic remote to control parameters in the RCE?


RCE is dedicated editor for the mentioned Controller (Mackie, Avid, etc.). It doesn’t support Generic MIDI Controllers, and there is no way, how to link it with the Generic Remote Device.

Useless feature we have paid for :frowning:
Steinberg should have mentioned it in their promote videos that this feature will work with only a few expensive controllers which you don’t have.
Is anyone here who managed to use it?

I might be misunderstanding the problem but here’s an idea…

If the controller device in question uses sysex rather than standard MIDI events…

You ‘might’ have some luck creating a synth profile in Cubase. Like we used to do for our hardware based external synths. That part of Cubase has its own special manual. It’s accessed in “Devices\MIDI Device Manager”. Using these sorts of profiles it is possible to make controls in Cubase and set up automation lanes for sysex events. I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble as compared to exchanging the device for something ‘more standard’ but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

You might also have some luck getting something like BOME MIDI Translator to convert the sysex stuff into standard MIDI events that generic remote maps can use. I.E. Launch Bome and set it’s MIDI input to your device…route Bome to a loopMIDI port, and have a Generic Remote map in Cubase listening to that virtual MIDI port ‘post transformation’.


If the plug-in is VST3 or newer, there should be also “MIDI Learn” function implemented.

When I saw the advertisement I thought this Remote Controller Editor is something like Novation Automap. But it isn’t.
If it was possible to control it from Generic Remote it could be nice. But it doesn’t work this way

So it’s absolutely not possible to use this feature with a generic midi device like my BCR2000?


Not with Generic MIDI device. If the Device suports Mackie Control (for example BCF2000 does), or other supported protocol, then you can use it.

From what I understand, the Generic Remote Controller should allow you to assign every midi knob, button & fader on your device to a specific target.

In my view, the problem is mainly flexibility vs. complexity. In theory, you should be able to get all your devices to control every aspect of Cubase you want; it’s just very complicated, with the info spread out all over the main op manual and the other manuals, plus whatever info you have for the controller… Also, there is a lack of pre-designed templates, Panels, Control XMLs, etc. on line.

Heres an article that might help: It focusses on setting up a BCR 2000, but the info should be applicable to any controller.

I don’t know what Lemur is, nor have I used a iPad like device for control purposes, but you should be able to at least make sure that the Lemur - iPad combo is sending data using Bome Sysex or Translator.

I briefly had a BCR200 and was able to set up a generic remote control template for it (Cubase 5), but I found it inconvenient to work with. I also have a Frontier Alpha Track which works fine (on Windows) - minimal setup required once the right driver - component is installed.

It’s the ever expanding (and often unclear) info in the Cubase manual(s) that’s confusing. Midi Devices, Remote Control Devices, Remote Controllers, Generic RCs, Quick Controls, Panels, etc. A lot of options and not enough clarity. And now Touch OSC devices, etc. I realized a while ago that if making music is the goal then wading through all these things defeats that purpose - by the time I figure out how to set up a robust flexible remote control device, a new version of Cubase has been released & I haven’t even finished a song!

Some Quick Control notes:
I had to quickly setup some quick controls for a guitarist to change amp settings on a plugin; I had already created a generic map for an Oxygen 49 and was able to do this pretty quickly, but I realized I had to research this further.
I might be misunderstanding the issue, but I did notice in the Cubase (8.5 Pro) manual that a generic remote controller can be assigned to control almost any parameter on any track by creating a new empty audio track and cntrl/command clicking on each slot of the quick controls list - this provides the automatable parameters for every track you have created (Cubase 8.5 Operation Manual pg. 655). Unfortunately, it is specific to that session, though I suppose you could create a template with this arrangement set up already.