remote control editor


I have a problem with the remote control editor. When I open it I can see the parameters of for example the delay. When I turn the knows, the knobs of the delay are moving. Now I opened the menu of the vst quick control and let it learn 8 midi controllers from my external midi controller. I can see the assignment appear, so the learn function works. But when I move my hardware controllers, I see nothing happen on the delay effect. I use the standard layout. What can I do?

ps: I can use the track quick controls with this external controller

[EDIT] Humble apologies… this is partially mis-information on my part… the Remote Control Editor can be used for FX, but I am still trying to see how one can actually remotely control it :wink:… (I’ll post as soon as i find something)… Anyways… use Track Quick Controls for now :wink: [/EDIT]

VST Quick Controls (and therefore theRemote Control Editor) are for VST Instruments only. For FX plugins (such as your delay), you do indeed have to use Track Quick Controls.

ok thanks, that’s a good tip.
I opened retroloque in the VST-Rack and found the pages of the Control Editor, seems there is a button to set the focus. This works!!
But ,I don’t understand why the stereo delay appears in the Remote Control Editor? Is this a kind of a bug, or are there some more possibilities?

anyway vic_france thanks a lot :wink:

You are absolutely right! Sorry for the mis-info (see my edited post, above)… I’ll go investigate :wink:

Well, moving the knobs on the Remote Control Editor does indeed move the corresponding parameter on the plugin, but as to controlling this remotely, I can only make a guess… maybe it responds automatically to one of the pre-defined Hardware Devices listed under the “+” sign"… but I don’t have any such device, so I can’t verify… in any case, it doesn’t respond to the input device as set in VST Quick Controls, and it only responds to Track Quick Controls if that parameter is already assigned in one of the Track Quick Controls slots anyways (and, for example, reversing the control value in the Remote Editor has no effect either, so I am really missing the point of its use, just as you are :wink: )

Please, someone enlighten us! :wink: (I must be missing the obvious, somewhere :slight_smile: )

hi, did find out that it’s possible to put the behringer bcf2000 in Mackie mode (presse second button + power on). In this mode it’s possible to control Cubase on the fly. No mapping needed. the remote control editor pages can be accessed from the hardware controller, this is really great!!

That’s good to know :slight_smile:. Thanks.


Did anyone ever find out if this is possible, if not using one of the pre-defined Hardware Devices under the “+” sign (or the posted behringer bcf2000 Mackie-mode hack)? I have an Oxygen61, with 8 knobs, and I’m basically just looking for some way to use these knobs to control the plugin, according to what I define in the Remote Control Editor.