Remote control for Shuttle

Is there an easy way to control the shuttle through a control surface?
On the generic remote, I can see that there are separate play x2, x4 etc. entries, but I am really trying to simulate the way that the actual transport shuttle control works. When centered, the cursor is stationary and as the control moves towards either side the playback gets progressively faster (in the specified direction). Ideally I should be able to simulate that using a CC where 0 means play backwards at x4 speed, 64 means stationary cursor and 127 means play forward at x4 speed.

Any ideas will be appreciated…

For a minimal investment, the Avid artist transpot will give you real shuttle control along with a ton og other things. I have one and I use it every day

Creating shuttle control from generic midi will be slow and frustrating

You might also be interested in the Contour Shuttle

I find the contour shuttle to not perform so great with N5.5 when scrubbing. It’s just a bit “wobbly”. It was like that on N4, to the point of being unusable I think. Not sure how much better it is now though…

If anyone who reads this has the Contour Shuttle set up and is getting great performance I’d love to know how you set it up…

We are using a few Shuttle pro’s and -to be honest- it has never worked well … until N5.
Since Nuendo 5 scrub & shuttle are absolutely amazing with the Contour.

Don’t know what the problem(s) is/are that you are experiencing, but over here it works great.


The Contour is okay, but the ID Console is far better…

Well can you tell me how you set it up?

We hooked up the Shuttle to the computer, installed the software.
Then created a new “device”, pointing to the Nuendo 5.x .exe (ad described in their manual)
Then we assigned the Nuendo Key commands to the functions of the Shuttle.
Scrub & jog in all speeds, and the touch buttons to your likings.

So you haev to configure the KC in Nuendo and in the Contour Shuttle, so they match.


Ok, I thought I missed something. What you described is exactly what I did.

To me it works fairly well within a certain range - medium to fast scrubbing. And much better than N4, I agree. But when scrubbing slowly something isn’t right as far as I can see. Every now and then it’ll go by frame, then skip a “notch” (detent), do another frame, then do 2 frames, etc. This is when scrubbing slowly. Obviously if I go fast I don’t notice it.

Basically I compared it to even using the Kensington trackball ring on the transport panel instead. Much smoother. Granted, there are limitations on how far and fast I can get with the ring, practically speaking, but the scrub is very smooth. Big difference between the two.

As it is now I basically can use the Shuttle more for general transport and the ring/transport panel for more fine-tuning of location on the timeline, if that makes sense.

Are my expectations too high for this type of setup and triggering via key-commands? Or is it something funky going on on my particular setup that interferes with the send/receive of KC’s?

Let me test the frame by frame behaviour. I’ll get back to you.


Curious to see if you checked this out.

What I’ve tried now is:

Different USB port on the computer (no change).
Skip the USB extension cord (no change).
Try different modifier (i.e. ALT+key) (no change).
Try without key-modifier (no change).

I’m curious how you’ve assigned the Contour in detail. So you have a kc for jog left for example. So you set the corresponding key to be sent when you turn your Contour left. How about:

“smart release”




Also, I should point out that on my system, setting the wheel to “mouse wheel” instead of “keystroke”, and then hovering above the jog wheel on the transport panel yields better results. It still jitters a bit and moves inconsistent distances, but at least the movement can be sub-frame, meaning that I can get down to frame-level accuracy…

In addition, my Contour has no problem with other Nuendo functions. I’ve set the jog wheel (with modifiers) to Zoom i/o horiz/vert, nudge L/R, trim fade i/o. None of those glitch, even with up to three modifiers pressed at once.

So I’m thinking this must be a Nuendo issue.


Drop me a mail, and I will return you our Contour Preferences and the corresponding Nuendo Key Commands.


Done and thanks…

Yeah, you are correct, the frame by frame behaviour is a little inconsistent.
Must say that we (no-one here in the company) is using the jog/shuttle to nudge frame by frame.
We are so used to our key Commands (Ctrl + and Ctrl - for nudging timeline and + and - for nudging events) that we use the jog/shuttle for “ruff” work and finetune with the nudg KC’s.

But that shouldn’t be an excuse, it’s only an explenation why we didn’t notice.
And most of the rooms have a CC121, only the spotting machines have the Contour.

But you are right, frame accurate jogging isn’t very consitent, mostly you get 1 frame, but sometimes none, or two.


Ah, that’s good to know, thanks for checking. Part of me is glad that it’s not my system. I’ll probably not use that functionality because of this, which is too bad. On the other hand I might set up a separate set of commands on the contour with the jog-wheel set as mouse wheel. That way when hovering over the transport panel I’ll get what I want with better feel than with the Kensington.