Remote control for yamaha dm 2000

Hi ,
Can you say me if on cubase 8 there is somes improvement , for customise the preset on remote control with yamaha dm 2000 .

Because the basic preset is very good , control eq send ect … Very well !!
But i can use only the mod " mixer " used by default ( i can’t create my own new layer for control what I want , like assign my fader to the Quick controls )

I tryed to make one other layer in my consol , but i can only have 1 feedback for midi at one time ( daw control ) .
So with one other layer , I can move the fader on my DM 2000 it control the cubase faders , GOOD .
but if I move a fader on cubase , nothing happen in the consol .

so Please in cubase 7 or 8 , is it possible to customise the preset yamaha dm 2000 ? with differents layer directly in cubase ?

thank’s !!

The DM controls for Cubase/Nuendo is very limited but… there are some hidden capabilities regarding Quick Controls.

It’s a great mixer to mix itb when using the Nuendo remote, or a traditional mixer.

I’ve been searching a way to control CCs with faders so as to “mix” different orchestral soundbanks articulations (velocity, expression, portamento etc). I use a Novation ZeroSL but it’s not that easy to use the faders for different orchestral banks (LASS, Hollywood Strings, VSL). I can’t put so many labels on the ZeroSL. So I’ve been searching a way to do it on the DM2000.

After some searches I could get the right setup. I configured the Tracks Quick Controls to 8 CC numbers in Cubase. I went in the DM2k’s remote section then, selecting the “User’s Define” remote. There you can assign CC numbers. it’s a bit complicated as you have to assign CC 16 bytes numbers (have a quick search on the web, easy to find), switch or fader to the same CC numbers than the Quick Controls.

I finally get 2x8 faders assigned to the same 8 quick controls remote CC numbers, controlling themselves different CCs in Cubase, depending on Quick Controls setup. Waaaay better with the DM2k nice faders than with the ZeroSL plastic ones. And I could label first 8 tracks for LASS and the other 8 for VSL on the console.

So I can still use the console in a classic way (audio) or a Cubase remote (transport, mixing itb) but additionally control CCs too… This has been a huge step for my workflow :slight_smile:

Awsome thank’s you so munch for sharing this tips !!

this is exactly what i want to do , i don’t understand for the moment how to do this ( got bad english and i’m noob in MIDI )
But i will continue to work on it
thank’s !!

Here are some explanations. It can look a bit complicated but it’s not that much…
First you have to setup a remote for the Quick Controls. The DM2k will “control” the QC via CC numbers.

  • On your DM, go to Remote layers. I guess the first one should be the Nuendo one, go to “Remote 2”. In upper right box, select “User Defined”, press Enter. Ok for now, you’ll have to go back to this layer later to setup the CC numbers.

  • Still on the DM, go to “Setup” (Display Access area), “Midi Host”. There you’ll have to setup the midi channel which will be used for the remote communication from DM to Cubase. Go to “Remote 2” (the one you selected), and select the USB midi channel you want to choose. It depends on your current configuration. The usual “Nuendo” remote requires 4 midi channels. Speaking for myself, I use USB-1 for Studio Manager; USB-2 to 5 for Nuendo and I selected USB-7 for Remote 2. Ok for the DM for now.

  • On Cubase, go to Device Setup, Remote Controls, Tracks Quick Controls

  • Select midi In & Out (the midi channel the DM will use to communicate with Cubase). As I choosed USB-7 on DM in my setup, I selected DM2000-7 in this box

  • Midi status : controller. Midi channel : 1, 2, 3 etc…8

  • Address : you have to choose CC numbers, choose whatever you want, the easiest is 1 to 8.

  • Max value : 127. Flags : “R,”
    (you can have a look to the image below, but I did it complicated, didn’t think to simply use CC 1 to 8…)
    Back to the DM now with the damned 16 bytes CCs… You’ll need to go there :

  • Go to “Table 3”, here you are. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it looks, you just need to look at columns 1 (decimal) and 3 (hex). Decimal column lists the CC numbers, Hex lists the relative value. It just means than instead of entering the usual CC numbers in the DM, you’ll have to enter the Hex values. BTW if you choose CC 1 to 8, it will be 01 to 08 !

  • On Table 2 you can find the correspondance for midi channels. Here they are :
    So, on the DM, still on “remote 2” display, you’ll see that you can choose between 3 different controllers : switch (“On”), “encoder” or “fader”. Let’s say you’ll setup faders.
    Select a track on your DM (the first of a group of 8). Look at the bottom, “Fader” area:

  • First box on the left is the midi channel (Hex numbers are on Table 2 on the midi chart)

  • Second box is the CC number

  • 3rd box is the physical controller (fader, switch etc)

  • 4th, I don’t remember but whatever it’s “End”, you can find some details on DM manual

So, 1st track, box1: 50 / box2: 01 / box3: FAD / box4: END
Select next track now and go on:
2nd track, box1: 51 / box2: 02 / box3: FAD / box4: END
etc… untill:
8th track, box1: B7 / box2: 08 / box3: FAD / box4: END

If ever you want to have a switch instead of a fader (it’s one or the other), go to the “ON” area and have for the 8th track i.e. box1: B7 / box2: 08 / box3: SW / box4: - (no need to have “End”)

Here you are, you have configured the DM2k and your Quick Controls remote, it’s all done. You can export your remote setup in Cubase for safety.

Now you can go to your usal workflow in Cubase, configure your Quick Controls in your tracks, don’t miss to check the QC blue box, I miss it so many times…

Let me say it works like a charm and it’s a very convenient way to command the QC, thanks to the DM’s nice faders.

One last thing, what is really powerful there is that you can duplicate this 8-track setup on 3x8-track on 1 DM’s layer and thereby label the controls directly on your console and command 3 different QC setups, having the controls clearly showed. I’m talking about adhesive labels on DM’s white stripe but don’t miss that you can input short names in the “User Define” display too and have the controls names on each track display ! And as there are 4 available banks, you could have up to 12 different labelled QC!! The main limitation is the 8-QC in Cubase finally…

Hi Artmanjam,

Thanks for your great explanation! This has helped me a lot in setting the DM to control the cubase quick control.
One question I have about this (and apologies if this is a basic one). If I make changes to the quick controls by using the mouse or when I switch synths in cubase and thus have a different set of QC’s to control, can those changes also be reflected on the DM?

Thanks in advance for your response.

What’s cool with QC is that it’s just an eight parameters remote controller. It means you can load any QC preset you made, as soon as it’s loaded on the track, it will control the controls related to your current track. The DM (or any controller) is a remote which controls the QC of your track, whatever they are.

Moving QCs on your computer won’t change anything on DM, it’s a “write” remote only I guess. I searched a bit but looks like in User Defined remote mode, fader motorization is unavailable (or I didn’t find the trick…) And if your remote is setup to “R” (receive) in QC remote settings, no data will be sent to the DM btw. Remember you can read the fader value on DM track display. So if you didn’t choose “pickup mode” in QC remote settings, you can set your fader to the current value on your track and “drop” in the automation accurately. I mean, let’s say the current CC value you’re working on is “75” and you wish to write from there, just set the fader to 75 and start to write on track smoothly.