Remote Control of Pre Filter Settings

As far as I can work out, there is no way to control the high pass and low pass filters in the Channel Strip Pre Filters via midi CCs. I have extensive Generic Remote mappings set up, as I prefer hardware controllers over the mouse.

So, I’d like to request that remote control of these paramaters is considered for inclusion in future versions.

Apologies if I’ve got this wrong.

You can access them through Track Quick Controls with MIDI (QC) learn, in the Input Filter section.

Though the Quick Controls are somewhat fiddly…

EDIT: At least you can in Cubase 11.


You can do so in Cubase 10 too.

Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.

I have now made a Pre Gain and Filter preset for my Track Quick Controls, which means I can have hardware control over these paramaters - which makes setting up tracks much easier. It is a little bit fiddly, as you say.

I wish I could just reach for the gain knob on my desk and know it was going to adjust the gain on the current channel - without me having to sometimes remind Cubase what I wanted that knob to do. The High Pass and Low Pass filters are particualarly troublesome in this respect. Sometimes they remember that they were switched on when I saved my Template, and they start working straight away. Sometimes I need to open up the Edit Channel dialogue or fiddle with the On/Off knobs that I have mapped - to remind them of their designated tasks!

I love using a hardware console, but sometimes I wonder if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. :slight_smile:

Just a quick update to this. Since I’ve updated to Cubase 11, this set up has become a lot more reliable. I can tweak paramaters on my controller now with a degree of confidence that Cubase will respond without any cajoling. So it looks as though support for external controllers has improved considerably, in looks and functionality, which is great.