Remote control with smartphone and tablet

Hello everyone!

I know that Cubase iC Pro exist. But I and my colleagues find that it’s not very complete compared to anything that can simply exist. Especially for Nuendo in cinema / TV or mix music.

For example I think that if we could have a window that takes the entire screen (enlarging) where we could choose any automation for the X and any automation for the Y, it would be wonderful. For example if I put the Send level of a track in a reverb in Y, and the duration of this same reverb in X … Or pan in X (with the 0 in the center) and the frequency of a low pass filter in Y…
Is such a thing planned?

It’s true that we already have the faders for that, worse than a real fader but why not. On the other hand there isn’t this solution which will really profit from the advantage of the touch screen.

there is a solution for cubase and nuendo of macro control. try it

… and I always thought my web-page is bad. 8-P

I have zero idea what Sellfy wants to sell me, looking at their site.

If you own the company making it or are employed by it that would be nice to know.


no I only did the betatest at their request … I did not create anything but I would have liked for the time that I was looking for this type of software

the web page has been updated following a temporary suspension I went to see

Yes it’s not very explicit as a website … And I’m looking for a solution for android and IOS tablets. There are some quick interesting explanations but no certainty of being able to do touch XY (with two totally different automatable parameters) and I can’t find any video on internet either surprisingly.

I use TouchOSC for this. I have created extended controls for all sorts of commands, faders, sends, automation, panning (surround, using XY pad) and control room. I takes some time to program and setting up the generic remote, but it is absolutely great. For anybody interested, I am happy to share the template I’ve created with the correct Generic Remote setup.

This is what my controls look like on iPad:

Commands, channel and EQ pages:

Panner, transport and control room pages:

If Steinberg reworks their EUCON adapter and implementation, the free Avid Control App is a massive and a great tool to use!
I already use it in combination with an Avid S1 controller. But it is (would) also be great as a standalone control.

After trying with Avid Control and Cubase IC Pro, I’ve found that the best solution for me is Duet. It adds the iPad screen like a touch screen for the Mac ( I don’t know if there’s something like this for Windows).
The channel window in this screen permits you to control every parameter, plug-in or whatelse you need with touch control. I’ve one of the mixer windows set to this screen too.
You can see the result here