Remote Controlling Cubase (on Win7) via Macbook?

Today I tried IC Pro the first time and I am euphoric :slight_smile:

But using it on an iPhone is fine for the basic stuff, maybe when recording vocals or just managing the cue mix…

I will get myself am iPad maybe - but wouldn’t it be great if I would be able to use my Macbook Pro or my Macbook Air for controlling my studio DAW? I am a drummer and I am used to use my Laptop beside me when I play & record drums… when sweating and being in full-power mode the handling of the iphone Touchsceeen is quite nasty…

Is there a way controlling Cubase/Nuendo running on my Main DAW (Win7 64bit) with my Macbook?

At the best without having to resize the Quad-Screen Setup on my DAW… and because I have no Lan Cables between the rooms it would be awesome to just do it via WLan.

I heard/read about quite a lot ways to do it in the past - but all of them felt quite uncomfortable.

So I basically see two ways:

  • Some kind of remote desktop
  • Something like IC Pro, but running on the Macbook


It occurs to me that you could conceivably use a MIDI Device Panel in a lower version of Cubase, like AI or Elements, routed to a network midi port, and then set up a Generic Remote listening on that port on Cubase on the Windows machine.

Not an easy task, (and I do not know about Windows network midi cables- but Mac OS has then built-in)

So that’s my partial-idea contribution! :confused:

Easiest (and most economical) solution: buy a cheap Android tablet (you don’t need fancy graphics. An old dual-core will do and you can find one of those on EBay for as little as $100.) ICPro works just as well on Android as it does on iPad.