Remote Desktop Options With Cubase

Hi there,

I’m looking into options of using remote desktop software with Cubase. I’m working with someone where I need to do certain tasks in Cubase and it’s just easier and more efficient to login and actually do them remotely than offer support in other ways. Things like TeamViewer are simple and handy but there is problem that I don’t believe it will support ASIO audio streams. Is anyone aware of any options that do?

I’ve looked at VST Connect but from what I can gather it’s not what I need. I don’t need to record anything or sync projects or any of that - I just need to control their system remotely, be able to do things like exports and such, troubleshoot configuration issues, but it’s difficult without actually being able to hear the audio stream (except as background garble on the phone!) What are the options here? I’m open to paid solutions, but I need it to be dead simple for the other person, who is not so tech savvy.


I’ve used the built in RD in windows and it works fine audio and all.

What’s your setup/soundcard? It’s working with ASIO audio? TeamViewer only passes on system sound so surprised RD would. Any audio loop back configs?