Remote Desktop Solution

I’ve done some googling and there doesn’t seem to be a plug-and-play level solution for remote desktop audio workflows. Wouldn’t it be a grand time for one to be developed? It would be even better if it were developed by Steinberg for the users of their software and as a plus, throw in immersive audio simulation for head-phone monitoring.

This will save time: No need to travel back to the studio for some late night work when a client calls for last moment changes. Do it at home in your pyjamas while brushing your teeth.

This will save money: It will be possible to invest in one rig and use it remotely with a MUCH cheaper, nimble and mobile laptop or a tablet.

This will save productions: A production needs changes and you are not in your studio. Accessing the project remotely, if it were possible, would allow you or a trusted ally to jump in and make the urgent changes, that might save money and time for the client.

So in short, what do we want? We want complete unhindered access to our projects when ever, where ever we are.

Have you tried AnyDesk? I’ve used it for quite a while now… Works pretty slick!