Remote Device Support Elements Vs Artist Vs Cubase

I just got an M-Audio Axiom 61. Wonderful little gizmo. For the past month I’ve been trying to find a program to host VSTis and (maybe) play some very small sequences from my laptop live. The key thing is to be able to use all the buttons/sliders on the Axiom to switch sounds and start/stop sequences.

I tried Sequel… no remote control… no VSTis. OK. Tried Cubase Elements… VSTis, but apparently no remote control. So I installed the latest full C6 trial… and a beta M-Audio version of Directlink and that -seems- to work so far. Cool. But in the interest of avoiding having to pay for another full C6 licence…

QUESTION: Does the ‘Artist’ version support remote control such as M-Audio Directlink?

It’s a bit disappointing to have to purchase another full Cubase licence when all I really need are the most -basic- functions. ‘Elements’ would be perfect for me if it would simply support -any- of the newer MIDI devices (M-Audio, Novation, etc.) I may end up using Live Lite–it actually does what I need, but I’d -rather- not have to learn another software.

Anyhoo… beyond the question, I guess my point is that remote control seems to be something -really- expensive for Steinberg, but other companies—like Ableton take it as a -base- thing—for even the intro level program. Musicians, DJs… everyone these days -expect- remote control as a given. And yet even with all the new inexpensive MIDI controllers that ‘auto-map’, with SB it costs.

I have Cubase elements 6 on my laptop, it has the same list of remote devices that Cubase 6 has so I see no difference in that respect.I have no problem using remote control in Elements with my Zoom R16.

Interesting. M-Audio installs a remote device called ‘DirectLink’ on C6 which doesn’t install on Elements. Once DirectLink is installed, the Axiom maps the buttons/sliders to the tracks and then, when you hit a button called ‘Inst’ switches into VSTi editing mode for whatever VSTi is selected. Very clever. But as I said—doesn’t work with Elements.

How did -you- set up your HR16? With the Generic Remote?


The R16 uses mackie control.