Remote Devices Problem

In File > Preferences > Remote Devices window WaveLab Elements Action List is completely empty, as seen on attached picture. :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated.

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Same Problem here in Wavelab Pro 9

Hello! I have the same problem, Wavelab Elements 9 and an ICON controller.

I just want transport and jog wheel.

Has anyone had any luck solving this?

I think for element you canā€™t use a controller.

You think or you Know?
Itā€™s all over the manual that you can.
If you canā€™t, thatā€™s fine. Iā€™ll stop trying to use it.
My hand just keeps reaching out for my jog wheel though!

Page 14: Remote Devices
You can use remote devices to remote-control WaveLab Elements.
Several commands can be controlled with knobs and sliders of your remote control

And same things again in WaveLab Elements 9.5!

Manual says one thing but program does another.
Little oversight or false advertising?

For WaveLab Elements, this feature only works if you have a Steinberg Remote Control. Is it the case?

Unfortunately, this (words in bold) is not clearly stated in manual.
No, I have NI Maschine Jam in MIDI mode.
Thanks for answer, anyway.

I sent in a ticket on thisā€¦back in september.
They said it should work with my Icon controllerā€¦

They replied with:

Hello Cameron,

The icon should work via mackie controlā€¦

I will test this in the office to see If I can recreate the trouble.

Of courseā€¦ they never followed up past that.
I think we should expect that functionalityā€¦ but I doubt it will ever get fixed. It seems like nothing does, really.
Luckily, even without it, the program does what I need it to!

Another nonsense answer from Steinberg support staff.

I have four different hardware remote devices, all of them with Mackie control emulation,
and none of them is working with Wavelab Elements 9.5.

I agree it should be stated in the Elements manual that you canā€™t use non-Steinberg contollers, probably on the first page here: